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Parental Alienation in Australia

A number of years ago a Sydney man who shut down the harbour bridge for a few hours highlighted the lengths some men will go to when confronted with parental ...

Family Dispute Resolution

The Process This process of dispute resolution is a way that both people involved in conflict can, with assistance, communicate to each other about what's ...

Parenting Plans

What's a Parenting Plan?  Working out exactly what is going to happen to the children is probably the most emotionally charged activity of any separation and a ...

How much is the cost of Divorce in Australia?

How much will your divorce cost? How long is a piece of string? Don’t you hate it when people answer a question with a question? Ok, to get serious, ...

Relocation and Divorce

Family Law is full of difficult issues but none more difficult than the issue of relocating children after divorce.  So much so that the Chief Justice of the ...

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  1. Hi Sally, As far as I know there is no such day.

  2. Hi Lisa, yes the fee is paid by the person who files the application with the court.

  3. Gloria, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, a court in Australia won’t be able to grant a divorce unless at least one of the people in the marriage lives in Australia. I wish you all the best with your situation, Sean.

  4. Hi Lisa, Although the wording in the example above is from a fathers point of view, the same advice applies for women.

  5. Hi Darrell, You can submit a joint application and prodiving the form is filled in correctly, everything should go smoothly. You can find more information on the government divorce website

Divorce in Australia
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